Bear with me…and Sister Petrinella

sinus headache

Setting up a blog isn’t that easy with an excruciating sinus headache…and by the way if you don’t see a picture on this post of a man with an excruciating headache, I don’t know what I’ve done wrong. If you have any tips to make things easier, other than popping Sudafeds like candy, let me know. These first few posts are strictly experimental. Dodging lots of falling rocks today, but hey, the destination is worth it. Enjoy this awesome Autumn day and check out Eat Street and donate your favorite recipe for Pumpkin Bread.  Ahhh….the synapses are clearing.  I just had a great Pumpkin Bread memory. Many years ago, soon after my divorce, I went to my daughter’s private school to work for the nuns.  During my break, I would go down to their grand old kitchen and Ralph and Sister Petrinella would be baking and cooking their hearts out.  Ralph was this towering, grumpy and sweet  retired army, navy, air force, marine cook. The nuns hired him as their cook. Sister P. was his sidekick. She was as short as Ralph was tall. She was retired too and hunched over the kitchen counters wearing traditional long garb and headpiece. She also wore Nike’s because the grand old building monastery  in which she lived and cooked was huge with hard tile floors.  To save on the electric bill the lights in the hallways were off and you could see her glow in the dark Nike shoe emblem flashing under her long skirts.  My favorite visit to the kitchen was when they were baking pumpkin bread. The aroma of the pumpkin pie spices and pumpkin would float to my office upstairs. I could hardly wait for my break.  I wish I could find Sister P.’s recipe. I lost it in one of my moves.  Good memory, even if it was sinus impaired.


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