Big Rock Candy Mountain

black-and-white-bennypete1.jpgThis is Benny and Pete, the two most important little men in my life. Benny thinks his Mimi lives on Big Rock Candy Mountain. I do! This morning I’m watching the clouds dump some snow on the most visited mountain in the US, America the Beautiful’s Pikes Peak. Benny and Pete visited me in my little canyon village at the foot of the Peak about 7 or 8 weeks ago,,,seems like eternity. If Scotty could only beam me to their living room in Lawrence, Kansas right now I would be the happiest young grandmother in the universe! We would be having a tickle fest on the sofa, throwing off the cushions burrowing ourselves in our sofa fort.  I would sneak extra brown sugar in to Benny’s oatmeal and we would trade raisins for walnuts while Jenny, his mama is chasing down Speedy Gonzales Pete zooming around the house on his knees. Benny is addicted to books and has been since he could hold his neck up without wobbling. We would take ourselves to other worlds and go on wacky adventures with Mrs. Frizzle, one of his favorite book characters. The news on the tv in the other room is talking about the H1N1 flu and campaigning for the vaccine.  The news says that the flu is killing pregnant women and children.  They are also talking about controversies around the vaccine at the same time. Jenny, Benny and Pete please wash your hands a gazillion times a day and stay away from friends with snotty noses. I love you so.


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