I see life as a series of choices.  This recognition blesses me with active faith.  I choose to make my choices positive and life affirming.  In the face of depression and a sense of despair, i find a small action Benny geesewhich I can undertake toward the positive.  Recognizing that my life is a matter both of proportion and perception, I work consciously to keep gratitude as my chosen attitude and optimism as the lens through which I view the world.  This is not denial.  This is courage.  Rather than surrender to feelings of negativity and despair, I consciously and creatively combat such feelings by moving in the direction of greater faith.  Rather than rehearse catastrophe, I use my thinking to remember the ever-present potential for happiness and health.  I take my cue from the resilience of life itself.

The wren is small but active in the face of threatening odds.  So too I choose to take personal and positive actions in the face of planetary negativity.  Rather than wallow in hopelessness, I enact the viability of hope.  I reach out to others with kindness and humor.  I allow others to reach toward me bearing their gifts of love and healing.  Rather than isolate, I communicate.  I signal the world that I am engaged, committed, and active for the greater good.  My active faith blesses all.  FAITH MOVES ME TO RIGHT ACTION- Swami Chidvilasananda


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