Grace and Armadillos

kristen green cap Windy, dark, late night at the lake…mother locked out of both houses…shrills as if being eaten by a bear…fight or flight mode by me running to the door…”something in the woods is coming after me!!!” says mom… armadillo…priceless.

This is a story I was told by my niece about my sister being locked out of lake house while others were inside upstairs in the back of the house.  I heard this story when I went to my computer and Kristen came on chat to tell it. I had been crying because I was feeling sad.   When I heard this story,,,,and maybe you have to know my sister, and maybe you had to be there, I could not contain myself. I was laughing so hard, I was crying. I was laughing my ass off and couldn’t stop. My sadness was forgotten while picturing my sister running through the forest screaming, no, my sister screeches,,,, because she heard, what she thought was the Blair Witch or a giant bear no less. And it was a dinky little Armadillo eating grass. Now that’s grace.The part about me being sad one minute and then laughing so hard I nearly wet myself the next.

Kristen, Author….


One thought on “Grace and Armadillos

  1. You are so funny. I actually saved a life that night. I’m glad I could make your day. Did you know I bawled my eyes out too right after I posted this funny little story. I was alone and it was just time to do it. Love the blog. Love you. Kristen

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