Favorite 2nd Quote of the Day

“I’ll have you know that Pete is risking his life out in the living room while I’m in here on the computer sending you pictures of him.”

My daughter Jenny, mother of Pete and Benny, aged 11 months and 4 yrs. was guilted by me this week.  So she finally got on Snapfish and start cranking out 6 months worth of pictures of the favorite men in my life.  She’s been a farm widow all summer. Tom is just about done with the farming for the season, so he can help out with the little ankle biter and 4 yr. old genius.  Pete still wakes every 2 hours. Jenny can be mean when she’s sleep deprived. I guess If I was wakened every 2 hours by something other than my old bladder, I’d be mean too. I love her so.Jenny teaching Menonite Sunday School This picture of her teaching Sunday School at her Mennonite church looks like she might have gotten a little more than a few hrs sleep the night before.Petebiggrinonsofa

And this is Pete risking his life so Mimi can have some pictures of him. Don’t jump!


One thought on “Favorite 2nd Quote of the Day

  1. Nancy,
    You’ll have to be sure to let Jenny know that we are from strong modern Mennonite farmers in Kansas too! (The Kaufman’s and Voran’s) It’s a small world!

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