Vitamin B12 deficiency can be deadly and symptoms can be scary

tree and streamI’ve been to many specialists for the past 23 years.  23 years of ruling things out. My medical problems started after three things: a divorce, spinal meningitis(while in middle of nursing school and foreclosure of my beautiful home while I laid in hospital willing myself to live so the “other woman ” wouldn’t get my kids”) and a long case of mono (Epstein Barr Virus). I took  4 days off of work for that. Had to support the kids and boss wasn’t too understanding.  A dear friend of mine jokes that doctors are in a practice because that’s exactly what they do,,,practice on you.  I’ve been extremely functional, raising my 3 beautiful children to healthy adults while working several jobs and earning a few college degrees. The nerve pain is the main thing that gets me down and sometimes a few bouts of depression.  I’ve been “watched” for MS, had an MRI, been diagnosed with fibromyalgia many years ago before they started making commercials about it and treated mostly with anti-seizure medication for the isolated nerve pain episodes. Sometimes it doesn’t touch it, sometimes it does. I’ve been told to minimize stress,,,yeah right. One doctor diagnosed my chest wall nerve pain as diabetic neuropathy and I don’t even have diabetes! I share this personal information with you because I read in some forums of other people experiencing similar health frustrations…maybe minus the one about willing themselves to live in hospital while husband is having an affair and mistress won’t get your kids….:) I am feeling some hope lately.  My doctor ordered a B12 blood test. It came back borderline. (If in UK then not borderline but low. Then he sent me to hospital for two more. I’m waiting for results. I hear daily shots could be the answer to many of my problems.  Just a freakin shot!!!I’d give myself shots in my eyeballs if I thought it would help. And believe me….this doctor will get the biggest hug and a thank you letter. Oh my God, how cool this would be if B12 could help! Much luck and wellness to all of you who find your answer! NOTE:  I’m on B12 injections. Not feeling better yet but I have hope.  This first study below is awesome. I read every word. Update dated 6/6/10: I started with daily, weekly and now monthly injections I do myself in my thigh with a 1.5 long needle. I started noticing a difference in my affect and energy level after about 3 months. The change was absolutely amazing and I was so grateful. I will give myself injections once a month. When I asked the Dr. why I was deficient, since I was a healthy eater which included meat a big source of B12, his answer was “I don’t know.” You know, it’s ok with me for Dr.s to say I don’t know. In the meantime I was also diagnosed with Stage 3 CKD. I’ve been trying to wrap my mind and heart around that one.  I have read that CKD can compromise B12.


3 thoughts on “Vitamin B12 deficiency can be deadly and symptoms can be scary

  1. It would be wonderful if the shots could help you. I know what you’ve gone through and it’s about time somebody figures something out. Here’s to help for all of the sufferers out there. (maybe not the eyeballs…)

  2. I’ve heard wonderful things about those b-12 shots…I hope they help…pain takes it’s toll on the body and the psyche!

  3. A friend of mine has received B12 shots for a number of maladies.Here is hoping that this will help or solve your problem. His experience was very positive with the shots.

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