Something Else for which I am Thankful

This is Harry Broadfoot.  He’s a good friend of mine from Minneapolis. He taught me how to patiently fish for crappe. He kept me in stitches on the dock for several summers and falls. Harry and I both worked for the University of Minnesota. He worked there about 25 years longer than I did though. Harry was loved by many at the U of M. Some people called Harry an icon. He traveled the world with the University of Minnesota hockey team as their equipment manager. He told me that when at work some days, co-workers and students would greet him with Happy Birthday, Harry! The freshmen would ask, “Is it your birthday?” and Harry would tell them, “Everyday is my birthday!” He said they would look at him kind of weird. But I’m sure as these freshmen got to know Harry and he mentored them and showed them his bright attitude about life and great sense of humor, they would understand the daily birthday thing. I’ve been blessed to see Harry 3 times while I’ve been living in Colorado. I got to see him when U of M hockey team would come to play Colorado College hockey team. He was usually very busy and I’d go tap on the plexi glass shield where he was standing with the team and flash him a sticky note or just say hi. The audience was usually too loud for us to converse and like I said he was so busy. We would catch up by phone though after the game because I was usually too tired to meet after the game or vice versa. But at least I got to see him. Harry retired last year from the University of Minnesota. I remember he would say on the dock years ago, “Well Nance, this might be the year.” I’d say whatever you say Harry. I thought he was going to retire years ago. So he retired and he decided to travel a little and flew to Colorado Springs to a former student’s wedding. I gladly offered my little apt. overlooking the mountains in Manitou Springs to Harry and I stayed with a friend.  Harry got to go with a guide and take fly fishing lessons on the South Platte while he was here. He was thrilled. It was a short stay and I got to visit with him a little and I took this picture of him sitting on one of the two lions in front of the big and very old house in which I live.  He was grateful to me for letting him stay in my place and he hid little gifts so that I would find them after he left. A few months after Harry returned to Minnesota, Harry had a heart attack and bipass surgery.  And the something else for which I am so very thankful is that Harry is doing well and just started fishing again. Happy Birthday Harry!


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