Leaving on a Jet Plane; don’t know when I’ll be back again….

KU in Lawrence Kansas

Benny and Tom on Farm in Lawrence

Suitcases are packed full of little Christmas gifts and goodies I’ve been baking for family and sugar plums have been dancing in my head; (that’s not unusual anytime of year-I think they have medication for that),hence being awake so early. I should be sleeping at least another hour. I have to leave here it seems in just a few more hours, 3 a.m. to make a 7:30 a.m. flight from Denver airport tomorrow. Because I’ve been sick, I have to be more organized and on top of things. God seems to always fill me with the energy I need for the most important things on my plate though. So my hands and my heart are open for Her help. This morning I’m helping Marian at DHS sell her stuff at a Bazaar they have yearly. She is quite the collector and the money she makes will be swiftly sent to Willie in college in Florida. We shall have fun like we always do when we get together. Last night she said, I’ll bring you coffee (mine is smelling good in the kitchen right now), and maybe we can have Chinese from Coal Mine Dragon.   That’s one of our favorite places to eat. She likes to bribe me with food. It works. Then when I get home this afternoon, I’ll tie some loose ends together, exfoliate a few stray hairs from my chin, polish my nails, wash my hair, set my alarm for 3,  go to bed around 7 and then early and dark, drive carefully on the hopefully not icy hwy to DIA.  It’s minus 4 right now with snow. Then when Jenny or Tom pick me up at the airport in Kansas City we will have an hour drive to their home in Lawrence. They have been renting farm land for the past couple years and grow organic vegetables. Jenny has chickens in her backyard that give them eggs daily and I can’t wait to see that crazy set-up. They are in the process this week of buying their own farm. I’m very proud of Tom and Jenny and I can’t wait to see Benny and Pete and Taft and Gracie and Caleb. I’m getting teary eyed in the midst of anticipation!


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