I’ve been back for about 10 days but been busy with work, volunteering and health issues. The visit could not have been better. I even got to stay an extra day because of the brutal cold front and icy weather. God gave me the energy to get to the Denver Airport in the wee early darkness of the morning and to carry my two big bags full of goodies and toys for my babies. It only took 1 hour and 5 min. to fly to Kansas City because the direction of the wind and Jenny and the boys picked me up in their van. Gracie and Caleb met us at the house and Taft came later in the afternoon. He had had a big company Christmas party the night before and was running a little late. We went out and bought a tree and Jenny made it a perfect Christmas even if it was a little early. I miss them all so much. Tired tonight and getting ready for a CT scan tomorrow morning so don’t feel real creative with words tonight. Until later.

Jenny and one of her hens

Benny, Pete and son Taft

Brisk walk on KU campus before turkey dinner. Benny, Taft, Caleb and Gracie. Wearing hats i brought them from shop for Christmas. Goofy but fun.

Jenny's Christmas table with brined organic turkey. She's the best gourmet cook.

Pete and Mimi

Jenny herding the hens to warmth. It was touch and go during the below zero temps that moved in.

Jenny and Pete opening present

Benny with "Christmas morning" bagel


Tom chasing Pete around the living room


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