Emalou’s, Ken’s and the Llama Farm

This morning came pretty early. Sleep wasn’t that great last night. I awoke in the middle of the night feeling like I was giving birth to an Alien out of my right side between my ribs. I was doing Lamaze breathing even though I learned the Bradley method in the 70’s. I’d seen it done on tv a thousand times. It didn’t help. I went for my phone while pacing around the apartment. Even though I’ve been through a battery of tests during the holiday….one was on Christmas Eve and another on New Years Eve day not to mention a slew of blood tests. I soothed myself by thinking it was a pulled muscle. I didn’t call anyone and laid back down and fell asleep.

Yesterday I was silly and moved my daybed out to the living room and spent hours trying to re-arrange, clean and throw out things to make room for my new antique set I found on Craig’slist. I went down the street for a 30 minute massage later that afternoon. Good thing or I might have actually given birth to that alien.  I had a date with my new old furniture at 10 a.m. up the mountain outside Cripple Creek to see if we made a good fit. We did. I knew the minute I saw this gorgeous furniture, it was for me.  Emalou was gracious and took me through her gorgeous log cabin that looked out at the Collegiate mountain range. The snow was glistening and the air was clean and thin. She asked me some pretty personal questions like she was trying to see if I would take care of her furniture. I felt like I was being interviewed for an adoption…of a dog. She pointed out one area on the bed frame that was a little hurt because when she was a little girl she like to jump on the bed. She was 57 and said the bedroom set was in a 22 room house she grew up in, in Kansas near the border of Nebraska.  I went out to get my money and we put a couple little drawers and a chair and bed slats in my car. We shook hands and I said I would pick the rest up on Sunday.  That will give me time to heal before I have to carry it up my stairs…

On my way home, I pulled up to the side of the road at the Llama Farm beneath the great huger than life boulders in Florissant. I love Llamas and their goofy faces and giant curly eyelashes. There were lots of furry babies and they came up to me after I talked to them for a while. I was straddling a thin little creek that had broken through the ice and snow providing gurgling refreshment to this friendly little herd. I took a few pictures…which I’m having trouble uploading or I would so we must settle for this grand picture of Mount Princeton instead.  After I said my goodbyes to my furry little friends I got back in my CRV and thought;  don’t worry, Emalou…your furniture will be loved and someday it will end up back in Kansas when I pass away, at the farmhouse of my daughter’s. I guess that’s what you call the circle of life of well loved furniture. It was a good day.


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