Woman at the Well

Carl Bloch's Samaritan Woman at the Well

Today in church, at the First Presbyterian Church in Colorado Springs, I learned that the story in John 4 , The Woman at the well, was the story of the longest conversation Jesus had with anyone in the Bible. And while I was praising God and worshiping God, my mind wandered, thinking about the thousands maybe hundreds of thousands of God’s people buried and thirsty in the rubble of the aftermath of the most horrible earthquake natural disaster.  I thought this is the last day for any hope of survivors and how so many people are taking their last breaths. The minister spoke of thirst often in the sermon. Thirst for water and thirst to have God in our lives. My prayer was for Jesus to calm these people and to help them die in peace, the people buried. The disaster was not the act of God. My mother’s death of a painful cancer when she was 29 was not an act of God. (I was reminded of her death by a movie I just watched, I don’t dwell on it, at least conscience/knowingly). Unknowingly, probably every waking second because the loss and living during her long illness and suffering when I was 5, has effected every relationship I have with people, nature and God.  Loss drives me crazy and I have taken a break from the news today.  Back to the thirsty woman at the well. By all accounts of the culture back then, this woman should not have been at the well in the middle of the day. Women usually went to the well early morning and at dusk. They would visit together while collecting their water for their homes and families. This woman must not have wanted to gossip or be the butt of the gossip? Also, she was a Samaritan. Jesus being a Jew, was not to communicate in public with women, let alone Samaritans. She acknowledged that in this story. Jesus acknowledged that she had “5 husbands” and was presently “Shacking” up with another……my minister used the word shacking. I like my minister. Anyway, in the book of John,  he would tell stories of Jesus talking with individuals,,,not so much crowds and diverse individuals at that.  Because Jesus knew about this woman’s life, she believed Him when he said, I am He and my water will give you eternal life. And hopefully her thirst for love was quenched with His living water. God’s will and living water was clear to me when I would hear on the news about the French and the Chinese and the American and  rescue workers from other nations, working as one to save fellow humans….not Samaritans, not Jews, or Christians or Buddhists, just fellow thirsty humans, gasping for life.


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