Rara The Penguin


Today I helped teach English to a room full of refugees, again. Hardest teaching I’ve ever attempted. But most fulfilling! The smiles on these peoples faces is like medicine for me. Most of the people are from Nepal. A few from Iraq and others from Maymar (Burma). We laugh a lot. You would too if you were learning from curriculum that talked about Rara the Penguin, a true story. Rara shops for fish. Rara puts fish IN his BACKPACK. Rara pays the CLERK. Rara takes fish to FAMILY.  No kidding. Rara is a real Penguin in Japan that goes to the fish market to buy fish for the family that owns him.


Above is a video and story about the Penguin who also goes as Lala. Why it was incorporated into ESL curriculum, I’ll never know. But it’s fun to see our energetic lead teacher walk around the room like a penguin.

When we were in the computer room today the computer guy did something that wasn’t exactly cool. He meant no harm though. He was trying to get the large room full of students to listen and not touch the computer keys so he yelled, “everyone’s hands UP! So we have this whole room full of refugees that escaped political coups and war and terror with their hands up in the air. I wanted to laugh/cry/cringe/slap him. Not cool. But their hands were soon down as we moved on to our teaching program. During break time, Krishna shared some of the spiciest pea salad and fry bread in honor of her one year old nephew. I am having some stomach problems and just had some tasty tests the yesterday. I thanked her and gave her a piece of my “cutie” tangerine. In social work school we were taught to in most cases always eat what we were offered during a home visit. I thanked her and ate little bits and when she left the room I had to throw away part of it. My stomach was just not ready for it. What wonderful food though and one of my favorite restaurants here in the Springs is Tibetan food. Anyway, I just love these few hours i spend with these smiley, warm and brave people. The first url is a website full of beautiful pictures of people from Nepal. Rara walks to fish market.


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