Winter Chat in the Sun

So I’m visiting with my landlady/friend on her sunny patio a few blocks from my house in Manitou,  and I heard a growl. I said, “What’s that?” She jumps up and looks in to the winter forest and red rocks behind her. We didn’t see one then but she proceeded to tell me there had been several mountain lions back there.  She showed me a clawed and torn plastic picnic tablecloth right below me on the picnic table where I was standing and said a mountain lion chewed that up.  One night she stepped outside for a smoke around 10 and she sensed something behind her. She walked carefully back in to the house and looked out her kitchen window as a mountain lion pounced right where she had been standing. It started licking and chewing on the table cloth which had her scent on it.  Her washer and dryer are outside in the detached garage and she has heard and seen the lions on laundry day too.  I have heard that anywhere you are walking/hiking in Colorado, a mountain lion can see you. I wouldn’t picture that in downtown Denver or even Colorado Springs, however, I have been on hikes where bodyparts of deer are laying around my path. I haven’t encountered a mountain lion yet. I have encountered a bear. And I have NO DESIRE to encounter a mountain lion, EVER!.


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