Missing the Twin Cities

I used to love going to the Sculpture Garden in the Twin Cities. Living in Colorado now is a pretty big change. It’s been 3 and a quarter years since I moved. I used to think Colorado was pretty progressive,,,,until I lived in Minneapolis. There I went on my first peace walks to the capital in St. Paul. One I remember, walking down uptown. Cold and breezy day. I love attending and working at the University of Minnesota. I love learning. Every day I met someone from a different country. Quangs was my favorite restaurant. The best Vietnamese. Fresh and beautiful. It’s on Eat Street. The NY Times rated it as one of the best. I miss my little cafe across the street from my brownstone on Bryant, MyTFINE. Friendliest people, finest baked delicatesies and rotating dinner menu. I miss Lake Harriet and the summer evening walks around the lake…well halfway around to the bandstand. And the concerts with Jenny, Tom and Benny. We would lay on a blanket relaxing to the music. Lake Calhoun was like the most beautiful mirror facing the sky at 5:00 a.m. Meeting the guys to fish, drinking coffee after casting my line out to the lazy muskies….ahh, what memories. I remember in the middle of winter, Jenny and I would set out to go to the Mennonite church in St. Paul and turn around, changing our minds and go to the Mall of America instead. We felt a little guilty and blamed our craziness on the harsh long winters. I remember in the Spring and summer swinging on their porch swing while enjoying the aromas from the Mexican Mercado on the next street. We would walk through the ally and buy 2 dozen home made tortillas for 99 cents. I loved Jenny and Toms friends from their work and the University. We appreciated beer together letting this old lady hang lose with them. The Farmer’s Market was the best around. The Hmong refugees had 10 magic green thumbs that could grow the most beautiful and tasty basil and tomatoes!  i miss the mom and pop cafes and coffee shops and the greatest old used book stores around. I miss a lot about those 2 cities. Guess I’ll have to make a visit soon. Been too long. I’m sure one of the guys will let me borrow a fishing pole.

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