Lightning and Wisdom Teeth

wisdom teeth pulled

You look miserable son. I wish I was there to help. It was nice of  Rachel to take the day off to help. I chickened out of getting mine pulled 25 years ago. I hope you feel better by the time your 26th birthday roles around on March 7th.

That story I told you about Aunt Janet and her wisdom teeth is true. She would have been struck by lightning if she hadn’t had her wisdom teeth pulled when she did.

She fainted in the parking lot of dentist’s office afterwards…oh about 25 years ago, so mother said, “you need to sleep in your brother’s room tonight to be closer to us in case you have more problems. (Joe was off to college).  So Janet slept in Joes room.

Around 7 am the next morning, while Daddy was waiting at living room window for his carpool to take him to work, Crash bang &^&*%$()-0*#%$@ lightning struck! It went through the chimney and struck in Janet’s closet and room. Daddy said, “You have never seen two women run so fast down the stairs in your life.” It was a beautiful house, however, after the firemen came there was a lot of water damage.  Mother never wanted to live there again, even though they designed it and had it custom-built. So they put it up for sale and believe it or not, it was struck by lightening again!
I was married and lived in Santa Barbara when it happened. Janet was one lucky little chickey.  And sounds like mother made a good decision about moving.
Love you son, and I hate seeing you in pain.

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