Tootsi Roll Pop

Yesterday morning while driving down hwy 25 in Colorado Springs, my family and I came very close to becoming a statistic. Taft and I (family visiting to ski in CO this week) met Caleb and Grace at their hotel so that they could follow us downtown to eat breakfast and then go to church. We were going the limit, about 60 and 3 minutes in to our excursion, cars in front of us started pulling over on the right and left and middle of the hwy. I’m scanning fast, looking for deer because that’s usually why people in Colorado pull over suddenly. I scan the rear view mirror to make sure Cal and Grace are safe and not getting ready to rear end me like I almost rear ended the car in front of me.  Then to my left, I see a man pushing a huge leather chair across the hwy. It had flown out of the back of his pickup truck.  It had not been tied down. My son is exclaiming, “what an idiot, we could have all been killed. It could have flown right in our windshield!” I am thanking God that it didn’t. What a close call. Family comes for a short visit and is creamed by someone’s stupid brown leather chair on hwy! Split second and the most beautiful family is gone…..

So we get to breakfast and we talk about how fortunate we are to be spared. After breakfast we go to church. I had to twist the kid’s arm,,,after all they are on a short visit and on vacation, but I’m joining that Sunday and should be there and it means so much for me to show off my beautiful children too! The minister get’s up and announces that we were going to have a brass ensemble but while rehearsing earlier in the morning there at church, the tuba player had a stroke. So the ambulance took him to the hospital. Hence no brass ensemble.  Understandable. Hope he’s ok.

Then I noticed that another musician up front was missing. The minister announced that the songs will be changed.  The music director and pianist missed a flight the night before and couldn’t make it back in town in time for church. Other musicians will be pinch hitting for him. They were awesome by the way.

While being introduced up at the front of the sanctuary one of the new members and his little

Gracie, Cal, me and Taft at First Presbyterian

4-year-old son got baptized. The poor little boy screamed, “I DON”T WANT TO GET BAPTIZED! Then he screamed bloody murder and kicked as his mama and daddy were holding him to have water sprinkled on his head. He cried and screamed even louder and kicked, it was horrible and the congregation was laughing and crying as I was. I was standing right there and his mother started to cry and was trying so hard to comfort him . And then that’s when another UNEXPECTED but WONDERFUL thing happened. A little four-year old girl, walked up to him and handed the little traumatized boy her Tootsi Roll Pop. The congregation clapped. Now that was pretty cool. The little traumatized newly baptized boy became a little more calm and we all pulled ourselves back together, I went back to my seat with tears in my eyes, laughing and crying at the same time.

Whew! What a morning! My family almost creamed by a giant brown leather chair on the hwy. Tuba player had a stroke at church while practicing, music director misses his flight and a sweet little 4-year old girl soothes the soul of fellow traumatized 4-year old, with a Tootsy Roll Pop.  Life is definitely not a rehearsal!


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