Girl in the Holly

Today I went next door to an art gallery and put a little money down on a piece of artwork that reminds me of my daughter, Jenny. Late last night I received an email from Jenny stating that she and Tom bought a farm. I knew they were in negotiations and now it’s firm. She said she has 50 chicks that will arrive in the mail along with 6 geese in May and the farm comes with a dog.They have been renting land and growing organic vegetables the past couple years and she has 5 beautiful hens in her backyard that lay eggs. So they have practiced and decided that farming is their life.

Benny and Pete, my young grandsons, are so fortunate to have Jenny as their mother and Tom as their father. The land they will grow up on and learn a wonderful work ethic, is beautiful. It has history that dates back to 1800. Benny and Pete’s relatives on their Dad’s side were Mennonite farmers. On their mom’s side there is a big farm in upstate New York that has been run for 7 generations.

Tonight while driving home under the light of a full moon peeking out from behind the mountains, I was thinking how safe I feel. I haven’t acknowledged that before. I feel a serenity I haven’t felt in a long time. My life is still a little shaky with a few issues, however, I feel serene.  I know God is always with me and my children know that God is always with them. I think that feeling of safety and serenity comes from knowing that my children and their children are so happy. What more could anyone want?


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