Selfless Mothers


“How are you my little darling girl? Mommy and Daddy love you so much and hope you’re having a nice time at cousin Joe’s. It won’t be long now and we’ll all be together.  We are moving to a nice little house with a big backyard.  Daddy will make a sandbox for you, Nancy and Janet.  Maybe Uncle Bill, Aunt Peg and Joe will come and visit us and we’ll cook hot dogs outdoors! Now my little Laurie, Aunt Peg says you’re such a good girl, and that you go to Sunday School.  You must really be growing big and I bet you still have your “Pretty Blue Eye”. Jay and Marion send you kisses – so does Nanny Heinig. Nancy says hello. Good night my honey, take care of Janet and we send you both love and kisses. xxxxxMotherxxxxx.

Marilyn is my mother, who died when I was five. She was 29. My second mother, Margaret (my father’s sister) and her husband, my second father, saved many letters that Marilyn and other relatives wrote back and forth from New Jersey to Oklahoma. Margaret and Bill were taking care of my baby sister Janet and 3 year old sister Laurie, in Oklahoma, while Marilyn was in remission with leukemia. Marilyn was told by the entire family that she had anemia and that she would be getting better even though everyone new she would die. I stayed with her until the end. I’m so glad my Aunt kept these letters. It shows me how totally selfless human beings can be.


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