Falling Rock is the name of my Blog. I drove up the Ute Pass, where one of the biggest dangers is falling rocks, at 6:30 this morning to #1 water a friends plants because he is working out of town for a month. #2 Clean Jack’s house because he asked me to and I needed the money #3 Buy gas at $2.50  a gallon, #4 Buy some glue sticks and #5 Feel Gratitude.

In the midst of tears, halfway down the pass on my way home, I felt gratitude for having my life spared. If I hadn’t done all the above, maybe changed my mind about the gas or the glue sticks, I would have been in the worst accident I have ever seen on the pass. Firetrucks and ambulances were on my tail, rushing to the scene, as I pulled over to the side. SUV’s and cars were dumped over in the ditch, crushed up and what this rubber neck could see, looked terrible. A pick-up truck was facing the traffic with his wheels knocked off and a pit bull was roped to the door. It looks like he might have pulled out in front of traffic outside Green Mountain Falls and the other cars went flying in the ditch to avoid him. I’m not sure. Yeah, I’d say I missed it by about 4 minutes.

I did what I had to do today to help a couple friends out, but mostly to make some much needed money. My car was on empty on the way up and I scrounged for $2.50 to put in the tank early in the morning and cashed my cleaning the house check at my credit union on the way down. And then I stopped for gas again. Sometimes the money and the health thing get me really really down, but today my attitude was bright and I was just thankful that Jack called me when he did. Timing. His timing was just right for me to make some extra/needed money before my trip to see my grandchildren. There will be a time I won’t be able to lift his ancient but still powerful big red monster of a vacuum cleaner to clean his mountain solar house in the city above the clouds, but until that time, I’m grateful for the work.

Life HAS been difficult lately, however, I have been trying to adapt.  I don’t question a recent piece of not so good news about my future, just hem haw a little about it, research it,  take a break from researching it, damn internet! Grateful is what I feel right now. Not for the recent news, that was dealt to me for some reason from which to learn, but for my life today. It’s gorgeous today, not real sunny though, but warm and the birds are chirping and the mountain air feels great. I have a full tank of gas. Saw a good friend, talked to another on the phone, got texted by one, made some money, had some lunch, have another job to go to this afternoon and had my life spared by about 4 minutes on the mountain pass. I’m not going to ask why. But when I passed the carnage, I broke into sad but grateful tears.


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