Snoring Little Birds

Tonight I soaked in the tub outside in the middle of the Forest. My legs kept me awake in the early hours of the morning today so I thought I’d loosen them up a bit with hot water before I turned in for the night. I didn’t want to turn on the loud gurgling water jets because it was so peaceful in the darkness. The moon hadn’t wound  around to my viewpoint yet, but the stars were bright points and patterns, peeking through the tall pines that encased me on this beautiful mountain night. Thank you.  When I looked up to the stars I said thank you, thinking of my family and friends. One of those friends sent me something special in the mail today. Thank you. Came from an old fishing buddy of mine, Bill Tikwinski  from  St. Paul, MN. It was a card with a beautiful orange Autumn leaf on the front that announced that a tree had been planted in my honor in a National Forest. I love trees. Thank you. Gosh, and I’m not even dead yet…But it’s an awesome gesture just out of the blue. Tikwinski had a stroke a few years ago right before I left Minnesota and has had some recent surgery. Anyway, I think I’ll have a tree planted for him too, since I live on the edge of a National Forest and a National Fossil Bed Monument. Thank you. Going back to the tub in the Forest; I heard little birds under the eaves of the house and it sounded like they were snoring lightly.  Long little song- like peeps from above my head. It was a neat little sound and in the darkness of the forest the little bird sounds were comforting. Then a dog or something less domestic, started to howl and I pushed myself through the steam and out to the steps and to the ground to head inside. Thank you, night. Thank you, stars. Thank you, little snoring birds.


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