Which One Will it Be, Little, Big, or Giant Tree?

Ok, this morning I will go out in to the forest in the back with a ribbon or a sock and tie one on. Mike said that is how I am to mark the tree I want and later on today while I’m at work down in Manitou Springs he will cut it down for me.

All week I have been thinking and dreaming about picking out our Christmas Tree. And children are in the house, which makes it even more exciting. A 3 year old grandchild of my roommate’s visits on weekends and my 27 year old niece is staying with us for awhile. Makes the season so much more exciting for someone who is used to celebrating most Christmas seasons by myself. I have a ton of Christmas decorations I haven’t pulled out of their boxes in almost a decade!

As I look out towards the Collegiate Mountains which is mostly blocked by the massive pine trees and bare branched white barked aspens, I rationalize that it’s ok to take down a tree because we are supposed to thin out the forest to prevent big fires. I’ve always thought trees are the most beautiful decoration on our earth with a close second being the mountains.

I just went down and put on some sausage patties and brought up a second cup of espresso and cream with a plate of pumpkin bread and real butter. That ought to arm me for the frigid temperature short of blocking an artery or two.

So I need to get off this chair and get out there and do it! Here I come little, big or giant tree!


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