Sad Evening Saved by Grace through Nature


Old Man Deer with man points, some broken, came by backyard with about half a dozen younger bucks.

Last night a close family member experienced another sad loss.  After a night of tears and conversations with loved ones I finally gave it up to God and sleep. Walking down to the kitchen this morning and out to the balcony to feed the birds, brought delight. I saw the most deer I have ever seen, in the back yard below. The deer in the picture had the most antler points I’ve ever seen, several of them were broken and chipped. He was accompanied by many other younger deer. He would walk behind the younger ones, pushing them towards the house and the seed and long grass below.  I don’t know, I thought they must have been sent to remind me how beautiful life can be, even in the midst of darkness. My beloved family member will work through this with the support of her loved ones who will gather around her and push her towards the lightness and beauty in life even in the midst of loss and sorrows.



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