The Big Old Fashioned Lights are the Best

I didn’t get called in to work today so I ran some errands and drove towards town to treat Marian to her birthday lunch at Paninos. Before I got too far down the mountain she called and  canceled.   She got called in to the County Attorney’s office for an emergency. We will celebrate some other day. I remember spending my Saturday birthday a few years ago, in the emergency room with a run-away teen girl on my caseload who had spent the night with a gang member. I’d say this inconvenience and poor decision of hers cost me about 10 hours of no birthday fun. I’m so glad I’m out of that line of work. One of the most important errands today was to buy a couple fuses for my old fashioned outdoor Christmas lights. My niece helped me put them up on the front porch the other day and we were so disappointed that they wouldn’t work so when she drives up the drive tonight she will be delightfully surprised. Not only is it supposed to snow, but the green, orange, blue and red bulbs will be throwing out colorful reflections for her tired self. For she will have put in a pretty long day, 3 hours of it, driving. I just can’t wait until she sees them!


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