Buck Whisperer and Fig Bars

Twice through the night I got up and turned on my balcony light to see if it had started snowing yet. We have had very little snow up here in Florissant and when the weather jabberers started spreading the rumor of the possibility, it’s been the talk of the town. When I was in the tiny village grocery store last night buying beef and tortillas for fajitas, I told the check-out lady that my sore thumb was predicting snow. The lady behind me shouted, “I’ll believe it when I see it!” in almost a hateful tone. So hateful I didn’t look back and just said as I was walking towards the door, “My joints usually don’t lie.” Wow, she sounded like she had been waiting for precipitation on this range for a lifetime….

This morning when the light of day finally showed it’s face, the tall massive pines were frosted with cake icing like snow.  The snow is so fine coming out of the foggy sky that I have to squint to see the tiny flakes. Come big giant flakes! I got up early again. I can’t sleep late anymore. I started the woodburning stove, made my first fig bars.  They are delicious and rich! I  fed a backyard visiting buck cranberries, fed the birds, made oatmeal, coffee and bacon and said hi to my Facebook friends, not necessarily in that order. I also called my boss and volunteered to work in the Manitou Springs shop, turned down a para-professional job at the school( I prefer the certified teaching jobs because they don’t have to do playground duty and my ear hurts), and talked to Dr. on the phone after she called to prescribe something for my ear and swollen glands and I talked with my sis from Little Rock who will be visiting in a few days.  Swollen glands and earaches are not to be messed with up here on the moon, 9,300 ft. because when I drive down the pass to lower elevations, my ear feels like it’s about to burst. Anyway, thanks for calling doc. My other one I saw on Friday just told me to come back in 3 weeks if I still have a knot on my neck. Geez….

When my niece got up, I told her about the buck and how I whispered to him while I threw down some cranberries from the balcony and he just looked up to me like he was listening or like I was crazy. So I made myself a self proclaimed deer whisperer. I think he would like my fig bars but shall save them to hand out to friends for Christmas. Wow, a busy morning for this girl and it’s only 10:44….Come, big giant snowflakes!

This morning's visiting deer.

This morning's lightly snow frosted tree outside my computer room window.

Feeding the forest songbirds.

Snow frosted pine. I wouldn't know it was snowing if not for the trees.

Whispering to the deer with cranberries.

High Altitude Flour, an important staple on the moon.

Oatmeal and pecan fig bars. My first!


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