Sunset From Balcony, Florissant, Colorado

Author of blog, me

Deer visiting for breakfast outside window

What a ride these past couple months have been. A pretty bumpy one at that. Holidays can really be a challenge. I think I started doing holiday baking the end of October because I was so excited about being with someone during the holidays for once and the kitchen here is the biggest I’ve ever had. It was fun to share the final products with friends and neighbors down the road and I put on a few more love handles from indulging myself. However, love was just not in the air, no matter how hard I tried to spread it. I kept thinking like I always do during the Christmas season; “there will be a Christmas miracle, I just know it, just wait for it.” And yes it was fun to take treats and gifts to a lonely soul down the road and his old ornery self did tear up. And on Christmas Eve when Santa Claus walked into the old historical church holding the baby Jesus and delivered it down the aisle to the 150 year old crèche and picked up a little child and gave her a big hug, that was special. And I spent weeks thinking about the perfect gifts of comfort for a special person in my life and how and when I would present them. And then the day came and it was not so great and all the expectations of a miracle or just a little acceptance turned into melted mountain snow trickling down a slippery slope of pure disappointment and sadness. So I will continue to take pictures of the beautiful sunsets on this other side of the moon, until I find another place to light. I will still have expectations of miracles though, since I live amongst the natural ones in this awesome forest. Miracles of love and acceptance and I will never give up this wish. Ever.

Sunset in the Rockies

Kristin and I at Bill's picking up wheel barrow present we were hiding and delivering food and gifts to him


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