Taking Applications for Valentine’s Day

Last year on Valentine’s Day a friend came to my door with a little pot of baby roses. They were beautiful, but the sentiment was weird. He handed them to me and said, “I guess you’re as close to a Valentine as any.” Gee thanks, I said and laughed.  Then I went and retrieved my card for him,,,,,just in case he came by. It was a funny one and I think he laughed but can’t remember.

I got married on Valentine’s Evening in 1975. I was 19. It was a huge candlelight ceremony. My brother fainted twice during it. We forgot to kiss. My new husband had a bloody nose during the reception and his dad picked us up at hotel the next morning to go to the airport. When we got to Padre Island we tried to rent a car to go to Mexico but they wouldn’t let us because we were under age. We had three gorgeous children and he had an affair on his first business trip and we divorced when these three beautiful kids were 2, 3,  and 9. I should have known the ceremony, reception and honeymoon were a sign of things to come.

I never remarried. I really can’t remember too many neat Valentine’s Days. I think on our 10th anniversary we went to a hotel in town and I got a stomach bug and spent the night in the bathroom puking all night while he called room service for a steak and watched tv. That was unfortunate.

So, I’m taking applications this year for Valentine’s Day. I don’t know, does that sound a little bold? Well, I just thought I’d give it a try again.  Holidays can be stressful enough…so I thought I’d grab it by the horns and see what happens.

May the best man win.


One thought on “Taking Applications for Valentine’s Day

  1. bold? you bet…and nothing is wrong with that. We’re ‘allowed’ to do bold things when we get older. That’s the part of aging that I like. What fun would it be to stay on the sidewalk all the time?…jump out onto the road once in a while and feel the energy inside you come alive. It’s good for the soul.
    Good luck beauty 🙂

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