An unseasonable gorgeous 68 degree day and Valentines Day weekend, actually the day BEFORE Valentine’s day brought hundreds of people out to the village of Manitou Springs today.  Just yesterday, I was tracking snow into the house and just last week we had minus double digit temperatures. I love working at the shop in Manitou on Sundays. I meet the greatest people! There were lovers coming in hand in hand in their pink and red shirts and non-lovers too. A mother daughter pair stood out to me the most…I don’t know if it’s the social worker in me or my Dad’s friendliness he taught me, but these women and I found out a lot about each other in just a few minutes. One looked about late 40’s and the other was in her 60’s, I’d say. I’m neither 40’s or 60’s and we will leave it at that.  They brought in their little miniature dogs.  One was eight. Two were theirs and they were babysitting the other.  Well, the mom sort of blurted out, this is my hair that has grown out since I got cancer. I told her it was gorgeous and it was. I was not just saying that. She said it grew out finer, curlier and gray. I told her I just loved it. Her daughter had beautiful dark hair and was just looking at her mom with love in her eyes and then and I can’t exactly remember the order that all this was said; the daughter said, I don’t like men and the mom said, since I’ve been a widow I haven’t dated, well I dated one guy but he was worse than the first. bark bark growl went the dogs. There are lots of dogs in Manitou. And one woman, I can’t remember which, said, at least men don’t bark and that’s where I piped in. Yes they do! The last man I “had” barked and growled and they laughed. I told them I can’t wait until this “holiday” is over and gave them the short version of my most recent man drama. Their eyes got big and we walked to the door together, the 3 dogs and the 3 angry women and I patted the mom on the back and said take care and she told me her name and we said we shall meet again soon. All Manitounians meet again…it’s a small village and it’s so friendly even on the day BEFORE when angry women and little dogs are involved.


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