Unconditional Love, Peanut

I decided to go rescue unconditional love from the pound the other day. And this little 15 pound half chihuahua, half beagle has rescued me. I feel like I’ve known him my whole life. He’s a great cuddler and he’s adventuresome. And I think he’s pretty handsome and intelligent too, with the deepest brown eyes. He loves to crawl under the comforter of my bed and keeps my legs warm. I’m not sure how he breathes down there, but he seems to like it and sleeps through the night. We walk together and today he discovered the creek and just jumped in. What an adventuresome spirit he has. And he loves to sit with me in my lap and watch tv and read with me. He tells me he loves me all the time and I return the sentiment. Much gratitude for this little fella!


Peanut chasing cars from window to window.

Me thinks he sort of looks princely. Prince Peanut


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