Peanut Escapes!

Peanut got loose, zooming out the door while i was getting firewood. Zoomed down steps toward the busy weekend traffic,  zoomed around corner, flew across the creek up into the forest disappearing; I’m calling and whistling for him damning myself for getting so close to the little bugger. He hides in the little smokehouse across the creek, I run in and get a bone, he zooms down the busy street. A kind dog walker tries to catch the little road runner, however, Peanut slips out of his arms. I call Peanut, whistling, waving his latest chew bone,,,,he’s almost a block away. Cars are zooming around the corner. I feel nauseated. He runs like lightning towards me.  I pounce on him with my bum knee. I think I’m going to barf.

When tourist season starts he just won’t make it if he runs into the street. And when the snowmelt starts he may have to learn to swim upstream if he hops in the stream again. And when the bears get out of hibernation….well let’s not think about that.


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