Manitou Springs Waldo Canyon Fire Evacuation

Taken from Manitou Ave.

Much gratitude to be home in Manitou Springs after being evacuated due to fire at 1 a.m. Sunday morning. We are still on notice, due to possible wind shift. I’ll be ready.  This is called the Waldo Canyon Fire and there are still thousands of people evacuated in nearby communities. Firefighters have come from as far as Canada. Please continue your positive thoughts, prayers and gratitude for this “America the Beautiful” region.

Been able to return to my home in Manitou Springs. The wind is presently strong and gusty. Fire fighters state they are now on the offensive with 5% containment. The wind, heat and 9% humidity is making this a rough one.


2 thoughts on “Manitou Springs Waldo Canyon Fire Evacuation

  1. Thinking of you all. Such a scary summer here in Colorado. I pray that we may get some relief from these terribly hot and dry conditions soon. Glad that you are safe and allowed back home . . .

  2. ktlee, I know this is a late response, but just wanted you to know how grateful I am about your comment. It HAS been quite a summer of heat and stress here in this beautiful state of ours. This is another hot week as I write and I just put in window air for the first time. Our community has come together to support each other and our mountains, though, that’s for sure. Peace.

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