Balance Rock, Garden of the Gods, 2010

Family portraitFavorite Portrait 2009

I’m a, mother, sister, Aunt, daughter, former social worker, educator, friend,  and mimi. While raising my children, most of their lives, as a single mother, I continued my education. My three children, Jenny, Grace and Taft all have their college degrees. I have my BSW, M.Ed.. Benny and Pete are my grandsons and unfortunately they live about 9 driving hours from me. I love the men my daughters married as if they were my own sons. My son, well, he’s on the prowl for a woman who I will someday love like my own daughter.  I’m living where I want to be living, in sunny spectacular Colorado. My last stint was in Minneapolis, where I loved fishing with my awesome old fishing buddies on Lake Calhoun. When not reeling in giant muskies, I worked at the University of Minnesota and for an American Indian agency in the inner city of St. Paul. However, after 6 gruesome dark winters, I headed for the sunny mountains of Colorado.  I have have enjoyed many years reaching out in communities assisting, educating, and learning from, hurt families so that we might lead happier, healthier lives.

I got the idea of using the title, Falling Rock for my blog, while driving up the mountain pass several times a week to run my errands. About every 3 miles yellow signs would spring up warning of falling rocks.  Sometimes I would think, is it actually worth it to take the risk of being injured or killed by a falling rock just to get to the “city above the clouds?” My life has been full of adventures. And in most of my adventures, I have not come out unscathed.  I’ve dodged lots of “falling rocks” for the past several decades. These trips up the pass are absolutely worth the risks and may you safely dodge the falling rocks along your journey.

If you choose to log on and go on my adventures with me, I’ll share some heartwarming stories of family and friends. I’ve been known to be outspoken, so I may rant and rave a little. I have an eclectic penchant  in terms of  politics, style, food, wellness,  and people and can’t wait to learn more about you through your comments and shared links.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Nancy,
    I have enjoyed reading your stories. I have found them often entertaining and reflective. Here’s hoping that the rest of your journey goes well for you. I am very pleased to note that you are a fisherperson. People that fish ,in my
    opinion, are some of the best in the world. We may tell small stories, or they may be large ones. Whatever the story may be, it is usually humorous or just outlandish. Write some more stories, you have a talent. Take care and fish often. Jon.

  2. I had found you once before and loved your blog, your writing style is like my mind works…fast and furious. But I had lost you in the blogroll of favorites. I like a lot of things and that sometimes makes me pretty scattered. I’m just really, really glad I found my way back!
    joycee at grannymountain

    • Joycee, thank you so much for your comment. If I don’t sit down to write when my mind is working on the “fast and furious” mode, then I’m in trouble. Writer’s block is a terrible thing. I just love your blog and have been to Arkansas often. Grannymountain is awesome!

  3. Well, dear friendI finally found your blog and really enjoy the Little Jake/fishing trip story. We have a lot of the same writing style and you have inspired me to sttart one. One of my nurses in the ER on Monday told me I should write a book about all my adventures in the legal and medical worlds, She said she would definately read it. Well, I think I will start to write a blog and see where that goes. Take care sweet one, loved the story, and look forward to reading many more!

  4. Thank you, Cindi. I do it for my children and grandchildren. Sort of something to leave them. I use wordpress as you can see and there are other Blog sites to use too. This one is pretty easy to use. I KNOW you have some pretty interesting stories. Both of our careers were full of them. I write a little about my work but not much.Hugs. And thank you again.

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