There’s a Zucchinni in Your Mailbox!

Old fashioned communication had to be used this morning.

Yesterday I went to the Farmer’s Market and bought some zucchinis.  I left a big one in my neighbor’s mailbox. We often surprise each other with gifts of plants, flowers and baked goods…and yes, vegetables. We share a duplex and I live on top.

This morning I sent my neighbor a picture and a text message telling her,  “there is a zucchini in your mailbox.” She texted me back that she was not able to download the message on her Droid. Her phone is not working right today.

So I took some practice crochet work and cut and clipped a note on it and lowered it down to my neighbor’s favorite chair on her porch by the creek.

She laughed her head off and looked up at me from her porch. She said that another neighbor knocked on her door yesterday and asked,,,”I just have to know, “why is there a zucchini in your mailbox?” haha. Now she knows it’s from me….the old fashioned communication way.


Are You Relaxed Yet? Are You Relaxed Yet?

Goofy R’ Us on this Saturday afternoon in the mountains. It’s rare that my buddy, Marian, who I have known for 15 years,  is available for relaxation and goofiness.  She has one of the most stressful and demanding jobs in the region and usually I have to use my special persuasive  powers which sometimes include kidnapping, to get her away from the office or her several phones and pager.  She and I drove up the pass on some errands I had to run. We tasted some wines at Wines of Colorado and enjoyed a great meal on the deck. I eyed a big-ass trout in the creek below us and shrieked with excitementShe jumped straight up in her chair. I knew then that I had a job ahead of me. Get Marian to relax.  I questioned her often; are you relaxed yet? Are you relaxed yet? She finally laughed her deep laugh, declaring that yes, indeed she was relaxed.  And as you can see by the goofy look in her eyes,,,,she was able to embrace the scenery and the food and the wine tastings and the cool breeze coming down from the top of the mountain.  I pride myself in taking on the job of teaching people to relax. I myself was forced to take life at a slower pace so I feel everyone else should give it a try too. After-all, I worry about this dear, dear friend who puts others first in most cases and herself, last. 

Note: I had to get permission to publicize this picture. We laughed so hard while I held the camera on us for several shots that the soup I ordered almost made it into this portrait via my nostril. Other more serious pictures made it to the editing floor. But this shot of my buddy, Marian, is priceless. 

Marian and Nancy



“Heaven is a radical act of grace on God’s part.””Grace strikes us when we are in great pain and restlessness.  It strikes us when we walk through the dark valley of a meaningless and empty life.  It strikes us when our disgust for our own being, our indifference, our weakness, our hostility, and our lack of direction and composure have become intolerable to us.  It strikes us when , year after year, the longed-for perfection of life does not appear, when the old compulsions reign with us as they have for decades, when despair destroys all joy and courage.  Sometimes at that moment a wave of light breaks into our darkness, and it is as though a voice were saying: “You are accepted.” Paul Tillich


An unseasonable gorgeous 68 degree day and Valentines Day weekend, actually the day BEFORE Valentine’s day brought hundreds of people out to the village of Manitou Springs today.  Just yesterday, I was tracking snow into the house and just last week we had minus double digit temperatures. I love working at the shop in Manitou on Sundays. I meet the greatest people! There were lovers coming in hand in hand in their pink and red shirts and non-lovers too. A mother daughter pair stood out to me the most…I don’t know if it’s the social worker in me or my Dad’s friendliness he taught me, but these women and I found out a lot about each other in just a few minutes. One looked about late 40’s and the other was in her 60’s, I’d say. I’m neither 40’s or 60’s and we will leave it at that.  They brought in their little miniature dogs.  One was eight. Two were theirs and they were babysitting the other.  Well, the mom sort of blurted out, this is my hair that has grown out since I got cancer. I told her it was gorgeous and it was. I was not just saying that. She said it grew out finer, curlier and gray. I told her I just loved it. Her daughter had beautiful dark hair and was just looking at her mom with love in her eyes and then and I can’t exactly remember the order that all this was said; the daughter said, I don’t like men and the mom said, since I’ve been a widow I haven’t dated, well I dated one guy but he was worse than the first. bark bark growl went the dogs. There are lots of dogs in Manitou. And one woman, I can’t remember which, said, at least men don’t bark and that’s where I piped in. Yes they do! The last man I “had” barked and growled and they laughed. I told them I can’t wait until this “holiday” is over and gave them the short version of my most recent man drama. Their eyes got big and we walked to the door together, the 3 dogs and the 3 angry women and I patted the mom on the back and said take care and she told me her name and we said we shall meet again soon. All Manitounians meet again…it’s a small village and it’s so friendly even on the day BEFORE when angry women and little dogs are involved.

Taking Applications for Valentine’s Day

Last year on Valentine’s Day a friend came to my door with a little pot of baby roses. They were beautiful, but the sentiment was weird. He handed them to me and said, “I guess you’re as close to a Valentine as any.” Gee thanks, I said and laughed.  Then I went and retrieved my card for him,,,,,just in case he came by. It was a funny one and I think he laughed but can’t remember.

I got married on Valentine’s Evening in 1975. I was 19. It was a huge candlelight ceremony. My brother fainted twice during it. We forgot to kiss. My new husband had a bloody nose during the reception and his dad picked us up at hotel the next morning to go to the airport. When we got to Padre Island we tried to rent a car to go to Mexico but they wouldn’t let us because we were under age. We had three gorgeous children and he had an affair on his first business trip and we divorced when these three beautiful kids were 2, 3,  and 9. I should have known the ceremony, reception and honeymoon were a sign of things to come.

I never remarried. I really can’t remember too many neat Valentine’s Days. I think on our 10th anniversary we went to a hotel in town and I got a stomach bug and spent the night in the bathroom puking all night while he called room service for a steak and watched tv. That was unfortunate.

So, I’m taking applications this year for Valentine’s Day. I don’t know, does that sound a little bold? Well, I just thought I’d give it a try again.  Holidays can be stressful enough…so I thought I’d grab it by the horns and see what happens.

May the best man win.

Sunday Morning Conversation

My HS Picture

“Love makes you stupid,”, my niece concluded after our talk about love and infatuation and lost love. We were talking about the stages of love and grief and just really dissecting it all. I had a friend who fell in love with someone on Facebook. He knew her long ago and used to babysit her.  They had been talking on the phone from different states for twelve days and were already “making plans for the future and speaking of love for each other.” And I thought that was odd until I thought about it more and I’ve experienced the same phenomena in the past. Someone gave me an old boyfriend’s phone number in New York about 7 years ago. We had been “first loves,,,,puppy loves” when we were 14.  Well, after a few phone calls and several emails that got more passionate by the day,,,,we were “in love.” And then we would fly from Minneapolis to New York  and see each other and WHOA were things different. Reality is a bitch! But we worked through some things, continued the relationship from afar, supporting each other through various life issues and surprises, trials, tribulations and celebrations and then after the third year we grew apart but will always love each other, if that makes any sense. There is some research out that states that one reason older adults are attracted to their “first loves” is because their hormones were on “overdrive” when they met which made the infatuation, and attraction very strong. That feeling stays with some as they get older. Wild isn’t it. Makes sense to me, though.  So when my niece exclaimed that “love makes you stupid” she really had a good point!

A good blog/article that explains better what I am trying to say, in reference to first loves.