On My Way Home Last Night After The Rain



Morning in Manitou

Yesterday was snowy and dark and windy. Today it looks like blue sky is pushing in through the pines with sun close behind. Peanut has had his squirrel chases on the deck and the Mountain Bluebirds are having late breakfast on my bird feeder. Even though life is complicated and a little precarious at this moment….it is good. Such is life.

Beautiful Snow Geese

On my way home from Boulder yesterday on a snowy slow traffic day, I watched the beautiful geese in the sky, flying in formation. Did you know that when one goose is injured his/her mate goes down to the ground with it until it is better? Swans are the same way.

Early December Morning….Light Snow Descending

Good thing, Peanut and I got up early this December Saturday morning. The heater in the bathroom flipped the electrical switch to my refrigerator.  I went out on the dark deck in the forest to flip it back on. While standing at the metal box with my new little LED flashlight, lace like, light flakes of snow fell on my white cotton sleep blouse.  The creek below, said good morning with it’s consistent, gurgling, roar  and the Christmas lights on the neighbors deck reflected through the frozen mist. Pretty cool in more than one way.

I would probably be back in bed if it were not for Facebook.  Gosh, how that phenomena of a social website can pull one in! But the coffee tastes good, Peanut had an early breakfast and is snoozing at the foot of my bed under the comforter in a little cozy lump and life is starting to wake up this early Saturday morning in this village.

Whoops, the coffee maker was effected by the electrical spoof but now it’s been warmed up.  My little Christmas tree is lit in the morning darkness, my new blue spruce candle wax is melting on the wood burning stove in a piece of pottery and the scent is Christmasy and earthy.  Time to put another log in the stove and I may just go back and join Peanut under the warmth of the comforter. Maybe read the rest of yesterday’s Denver Post.

However, talking about morning life, I have a new grandchild and her mother, my beautiful daughter,  is probably up early too in her far away village, looking in to her big beautiful new life eyes (She says she can’t keep her eyes off her, she is so awesome) and warming each other this early December morning, with love.

For ALL of this on this December morning, I am grateful.


My Drive Home Up the Mountain after Borrowing Bundt Pan

After living in Minneapolis and other metropolitan towns, I’m not used to having to drive 15 to 20 miles down a mountain to borrow something for a cooking project. I texted my closest neighbor friend and boss Cyndi, who lives in Divide and owns the stores in town in which I work part time.  She said she would leave it with the manager at the Divide Mercantile on her way to post office and work down the mountain. That’s the way you borrow things up here.

The Big Old Fashioned Lights are the Best

I didn’t get called in to work today so I ran some errands and drove towards town to treat Marian to her birthday lunch at Paninos. Before I got too far down the mountain she called and  canceled.   She got called in to the County Attorney’s office for an emergency. We will celebrate some other day. I remember spending my Saturday birthday a few years ago, in the emergency room with a run-away teen girl on my caseload who had spent the night with a gang member. I’d say this inconvenience and poor decision of hers cost me about 10 hours of no birthday fun. I’m so glad I’m out of that line of work. One of the most important errands today was to buy a couple fuses for my old fashioned outdoor Christmas lights. My niece helped me put them up on the front porch the other day and we were so disappointed that they wouldn’t work so when she drives up the drive tonight she will be delightfully surprised. Not only is it supposed to snow, but the green, orange, blue and red bulbs will be throwing out colorful reflections for her tired self. For she will have put in a pretty long day, 3 hours of it, driving. I just can’t wait until she sees them!