Eye Popping Memories of Fishing in Minnesota

My Minnesota guru of fishing, Bill Tikwinski recently sent me this picture. You bet my eyes popped out! That fish is just about as big as him! This toothy Pike was caught smack dab in the middle of Minneapolis on Lake Calhoun. Bill taught me just about everything I know about Minnesota fishing. When I moved to Minnesota from Oklahoma, I didn’t have a clue as to what bait to use or even the size of hook or lures.

I remember trying to branch out to learn more about the city and multiple gorgeous, glacial lakes that were in it and surrounding it and I went to a bakery and then to the Lake Calhoun dock with a fishing pole my son-in-law lent me. (I still have it, sorry Tom). I watched others fishing and knew I was ill prepared. I struck up conversation with a young man leaning over the dock with his fishing pole. He had just gotten off his night shift as a disk jockey. He said, “Now if you REALLY want to know how to fish, you need to come out here early in the morning around 5:30 or 6 and ask for Bill.”

So the next weekend I got up early, had my coffee and then proceeded to chicken out. However, the weekend after that I put on my big girl panties and ventured back out to the dock. There were several men out there really chewing the fat and laughing while drinking coffee from their thermos’s. One joker was telling a joke about women and they were just giggling up a storm. Yeah, men can giggle. I thought oh dang; I hope that’s not Bill, the liberated woman that does not appreciate women jokes. I got brave again and turned around and asked the joker…”are you Bill?” He said, “Well yes young lady, I am.”

From then on he was my teacher, my fishing guru, my friend. Image



Manitou Springs Waldo Canyon Fire Evacuation

Taken from Manitou Ave.

Much gratitude to be home in Manitou Springs after being evacuated due to fire at 1 a.m. Sunday morning. We are still on notice, due to possible wind shift. I’ll be ready.  This is called the Waldo Canyon Fire and there are still thousands of people evacuated in nearby communities. Firefighters have come from as far as Canada. Please continue your positive thoughts, prayers and gratitude for this “America the Beautiful” region.

Been able to return to my home in Manitou Springs. The wind is presently strong and gusty. Fire fighters state they are now on the offensive with 5% containment. The wind, heat and 9% humidity is making this a rough one.

I’m Ready to Take you on, Pirate Squirrels

97 cents a yard net and a stitch here and there. Covering my beautiful tomato plant, and my teeny basil plant. The pirates have already taken the top off my basil, but no pasta sauce for you, you little hairy thieves. 


Unconditional Love, Peanut

I decided to go rescue unconditional love from the pound the other day. And this little 15 pound half chihuahua, half beagle has rescued me. I feel like I’ve known him my whole life. He’s a great cuddler and he’s adventuresome. And I think he’s pretty handsome and intelligent too, with the deepest brown eyes. He loves to crawl under the comforter of my bed and keeps my legs warm. I’m not sure how he breathes down there, but he seems to like it and sleeps through the night. We walk together and today he discovered the creek and just jumped in. What an adventuresome spirit he has. And he loves to sit with me in my lap and watch tv and read with me. He tells me he loves me all the time and I return the sentiment. Much gratitude for this little fella!


Peanut chasing cars from window to window.

Me thinks he sort of looks princely. Prince Peanut

Sunday Morning Conversation

My HS Picture

“Love makes you stupid,”, my niece concluded after our talk about love and infatuation and lost love. We were talking about the stages of love and grief and just really dissecting it all. I had a friend who fell in love with someone on Facebook. He knew her long ago and used to babysit her.  They had been talking on the phone from different states for twelve days and were already “making plans for the future and speaking of love for each other.” And I thought that was odd until I thought about it more and I’ve experienced the same phenomena in the past. Someone gave me an old boyfriend’s phone number in New York about 7 years ago. We had been “first loves,,,,puppy loves” when we were 14.  Well, after a few phone calls and several emails that got more passionate by the day,,,,we were “in love.” And then we would fly from Minneapolis to New York  and see each other and WHOA were things different. Reality is a bitch! But we worked through some things, continued the relationship from afar, supporting each other through various life issues and surprises, trials, tribulations and celebrations and then after the third year we grew apart but will always love each other, if that makes any sense. There is some research out that states that one reason older adults are attracted to their “first loves” is because their hormones were on “overdrive” when they met which made the infatuation, and attraction very strong. That feeling stays with some as they get older. Wild isn’t it. Makes sense to me, though.  So when my niece exclaimed that “love makes you stupid” she really had a good point!

A good blog/article that explains better what I am trying to say, in reference to first loves.