Open Your Life to the Gift of Today


And a Child Will be Born!

Nesting, working and traveling the past few weeks have taken me away from my writing. I’ve been visiting Benny and Pete at the farm, guest teaching, fixing up the house and trying to keep it warm, juggling a crisis here and there, and working down in Manitou Springs.

Gracie called me the other day and told me  I should be expecting a box from UPS.  She tracked the box to Colorado Springs, about 30 miles from where I live up the mountain. I told her I usually see the tired UPS man burning rubber down our dirt road around 6pm as I am driving home some evenings. He looks haggard and in a hurry to park his big brown monster in civilization for the night.  I doubt too many package delivery men volunteer for our rugged territory in the Rampart Range. Unless they appreciate a great view, that is. Well, the box was waiting for me on the moonlit front porch and after a day that made my bones and muscles scream for rest and warmth,  I scooped it up with a smile and opened it.  I love surprises! There were several little surprises in it and a card. I opened the red and white striped box first and there it was. The ANNOUNCEMENT! A Child Will Be BORN! This was inscribed in pretty red paint on a beautiful white opaque ornament.  And his/her name will not be Jesus, is my bet. Grace and Cal’s child is to be born in June and I’m sure of it this time.  Teary eyed and full of faith sure of it!