We are Stronger Together than Apart

Waldo Canyon Fire.

Morning Serenity at the Foot of the Peak

I woke up to the smell of smoke coming through my bedroom window at about 4 a..m.; guess the wind shifted because Manitou has fortunately not had much smoke for the past couple days. I heard the first birds in the forest behind my place at 4:43 a.m. Their little chirps are the sound of hope. Manitou is still a little bit of a ghost town up where I live, for Pikes Peak is closed, including the Cog to the top. I think the Incline is too as well as Garden of The Gods. Maybe the Pea and I will take an early morning walk and enjoy the serenity.

Manitou Springs Waldo Canyon Fire Evacuation

Taken from Manitou Ave.

Much gratitude to be home in Manitou Springs after being evacuated due to fire at 1 a.m. Sunday morning. We are still on notice, due to possible wind shift. I’ll be ready.  This is called the Waldo Canyon Fire and there are still thousands of people evacuated in nearby communities. Firefighters have come from as far as Canada. Please continue your positive thoughts, prayers and gratitude for this “America the Beautiful” region.

Been able to return to my home in Manitou Springs. The wind is presently strong and gusty. Fire fighters state they are now on the offensive with 5% containment. The wind, heat and 9% humidity is making this a rough one.

Someone is Getting Grounded in Manitou Springs

Well, that made for an exciting evening. Smell of smoke, thought it was a neighbor’s medicine. Then Fire truck sirens. Grabbed my shoes and Peanut who was howling like a dog who hears sirens. Smoke, Flames 4 houses up the road, big flames, ran back in, turned off my bedroom window fan, put on my pants,,,only wearing moo moo. Big huge flames. Called Eunice below…PUT ON YOUR SHOES! Fire! Met her downstairs. Congregational Church minister driving jeep with TALLGIRL on license plate parks in front of house, jumps out in his volunteer fire pants. News truck appears. I sit in shadow of front tree,,,,moo moo not that great lookin and didn’t want to get on the news. Eunice and I were jabbering and speculating. Verdict. Brush fire.  Someones getting grounded.  Fireworks.

Manitou Springs in the Summer

The economy appears strong here at the foot of Pikes Peak. Tourists and Manitoids form happy lines at the well known 30 year old eclectic shop,  Piramide and street musicians are abundant with coins clinking in open instrument cases. Oxygen tanks being pulled by some getting off the tourist buses don’t seem to hamper the enjoyment of the out of breath. Money is flowing as well at this healing mountain springs in this spiritual and celebrated  village of Manitou Springs, Colorado.


Where Everyone Knows My Name

I’m trying to cut down on my sweets so I didn’t buy any at the grocery store. So I take a walk (trying a little more exercise too) downtown to the candy store where “everyone knows my name.” Instead of owners yelling out HEY NORM, it’s HEY NANCE and I get free samples of blackberry fudge and roasted cinnamon sugar almonds and chocolate covered cashews. What could I do? Would have been rude to say no. I wish they weren’t closed tonight.

I Wanted to Say, “Hey, Move Over!” but I Controlled Myself

It was getting pretty hot in my second floor duplex and  I remembered that the Super Moon was tonight, so I loaded Peanut up in the car and we went on an excursion to find it. We found it in front/back of this woman’s buttocks at the Garden of the Gods. Cars were lined up in the bicycle lane, tripods were set up with real cameras, unlike mine and lovers were croooning and mooning. The night was gorgeous and had cooled down a little after the blistering hot day, at least for Front Range Colorado standards. Peanut and I saw a little Buck in the Garden of the Gods grazing, caring less that the moon was so beautiful, or maybe he was. It’s hard to tell about the four-legged animals. I just know the two-legged ones were out in full force celebrating. I cranked up the classical music, driving home slowly through downtown Manitou Springs and at the only stop light in front of the Stage Coach Inn, a woman was walking her pug and Peanut went ballistic, slobbering and barking frantically at it while prom goers were walking along the sidewalk in their wrist corsages and giggles. I couldn’t believe the classical music on my car radio lasted through the turn around and almost to the top of the hill where we live. As the Miller moths almost as big as bats tried to fly in my mouth and dart in and out in front of my car lights, I pulled in by the creek and headed up the stairs to turn in for the night. See you next year, Super Moon!