There’s a Zucchinni in Your Mailbox!

Old fashioned communication had to be used this morning.

Yesterday I went to the Farmer’s Market and bought some zucchinis.  I left a big one in my neighbor’s mailbox. We often surprise each other with gifts of plants, flowers and baked goods…and yes, vegetables. We share a duplex and I live on top.

This morning I sent my neighbor a picture and a text message telling her,  “there is a zucchini in your mailbox.” She texted me back that she was not able to download the message on her Droid. Her phone is not working right today.

So I took some practice crochet work and cut and clipped a note on it and lowered it down to my neighbor’s favorite chair on her porch by the creek.

She laughed her head off and looked up at me from her porch. She said that another neighbor knocked on her door yesterday and asked,,,”I just have to know, “why is there a zucchini in your mailbox?” haha. Now she knows it’s from me….the old fashioned communication way.